Friday, March 30, 2012

Beginning to Minister to the world!

So lately I've been learning how to go out and witness to people. My college ministry group called Phase 2 has been going out on campus in pairs and talking to random people about Christ and heaven. We've encountered some rude people, some people who just weren't interested, and some people who were interested. It's been an amazing learning experience and I've gained a lot of knowledge. I've really seen how God has been at work! God brings us people who are searching for him, and its just too much of a coincidence sometimes! It HAS to be God! Here is one of these instances.

Today, my good friend Andy and I were meeting for our weekly Bible study. We usually meet in the chapel or outside the chapel, but the AC was off in the Chapel and it was too humid outside. So we went in the Student Union to the "Dawg House" to meet. Well, there was a group of about 10 or 15 black adults in there and they had just started an African American Studies club. They asked if we wanted to join in, and me, always trying to be silly, asked if I had to be African American to join. They laughed and said no. And I told them thanks for the offer, but I was meeting for a Bible study. Andy and I say down and began talking. I had just finished up reading the fourth chapter of Galatians. Paul was reprimanding the church of Galatia for being tricked by the Judaizers into thinking that works get you to heaven, rather than faith. Well, behind us the African American Studies Club Had finished up their meeting and were leaving the room. All of a sudden a tall big boned older black man came and sat at our table. He asked if he could listen in in our Bible study. And we sad he was more than welcome! He sat down, and for the first time I got to share the gospel with someone. Andy gave him some analogies and showed him some passages in the Word and while he was doing that, I sat in prayer, praying that God would really work in this guy! The guy was very understanding and reasonable! He said he had heard many different ways to be saved, but he knew that if the Bible said it, it was true! We got his name and told him we would pray for him. We found out that he was a history professor with his PHD and the Director of African American Studies at MSU. It was amazing! God just brought him up to us and presented us with the opportunity to share the gospel! As much as I want to take credit and brag about doing it, I can't, because I saw that it was truly the Lord's hand that did it all. It was amazing!