Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When I pass away from this painful world and go to heaven, I expect that it will be quite a breath taking sight to see. As I approach the great white throne of Judgment I stare up at the bright light beaming from atop the throne. I hear a booming, yet comforting voice saying, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” The light shines brighter and engulfs me, then fades away. I then see glimmering gates of pearl sitting on the fluffy redish pink clouds that are the floors of the kingdom. The pearl gates are connected to walls made of beautiful jasper. An angel stood by the gate and as I walk towards it, he opens the gates for me. I walk through the gates and before me stands a gleaming city of gold; its foundation is beautifully decorated with gorgeous precious stones that shine internally. I look down and see the streets are made of transparent gold, as smooth and as clear as glass. White doves flew gracefully above me. In the center of the holy city stands the throne I had seen before, God’s glory magnificently shines down from the top, lighting the whole city. Flowing from the throne is a glamorous stream of water, as clear as crystal. The sound of the running water and doves chirping is soothing. I hear the joyous sound of my fellow brothers and sisters singing praise to the Lord. In this marvelous city there is no pain, there is no fear, there are tears, for all is good and all is well.  I look around with amazement and am thankful that I made the choice to give my life to Christ when I was a boy. I am finally home, and I shall rest here for all of eternity.