Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Won Over for Life

As you may remember, a couple of post prior to this one, I wrote about a young high school graduate that is a very strong Democrat that I had been carrying on a dialogue with about the topic of Abortion. He was Pro-Choice and he wrote me a rather lengthy, yet calm and respectful post about his reasons for being so. I then, in turn, replied in a like manner addressing each of the reasons and claims he made. I also then posted and update some weeks later about how he was very thankful for they calmness and respect that I had carried out while discussing the issue and was glad that I did so because many of my points really opened his mind to start thinking about some aspects of the issue that he had not thought about before.

As you might as well know, there was a major victory won in Texas this month for the unborn. Texas made it illegal for women to get abortions after 5 months of gestation. There were many Pro-Choice protesters from all over the state protesting the bill while it was being discussed that week in the senate. There were also a large amount of Pro-Life advocates that came from all over the country to give their support to the senators that were pushing for the bill. I was invited to go to Texas with SFLA, but had prior obligations. I kept in contact with my friends who went there and they updated me. THings got bad, over 5 Pro-Choice folks were arrested, they were throwing bottles of urine, feces, paint, bricks, and used tampons at the Pro-Life advocates. Needless to say, things were nasty. Anywho, I saw this video from Texas during the week that really struck me. It is a video of a post-abortive woman sharing her testimony and how she suffered from the trauma of getting an abortion. While she shares this heartbreaking and heartwarming story of redemption through Christ, the Pro-Choice folks are laughing at her when she describes the mental, emotional, and physical trauma she suffered from after the abortion. They can also be heard chanting "Hail Satan" (a chant that was heard a lot that week coming from Pro-Choicers).

So, after watching this video, I sent a link to it to that guy I had been conversing with. A couple of weeks later, I received the following from him:
"Nick, those two videos really spoke to me. In matter a fact, I am glad to have someone like you around to bring up excellent points when it comes to this topic. I have done a lot of thinking on this here lately, and you're right, it's a disgusting act. I will however continue to hope abortion clinics stay open in the event of rape or mother endangerment, but, I am now, pro-life."

I then told him that, with the issue of rape, that only accounts for less than 1% of women who get abortions, and the issue of the mother's health being at risk, that was not handled in an abortion clinic, but at a legitimate hospital or women's health clinic.

A sense of joy and excitement overcame me when I read this from him. I, at first, felt somewhat prideful that I had turned him from being someone who supports genocide, to someone who believes in protecting innocent human beings. But I then realized that it wasn't me, it was the Lord. He had given me the resources, mentors, and material to read on the subject, as well as a mind to comprehend it. I realized that I am simply the instrument, he is the musician blowing into me and playing the right notes for others to hear. He chose me to convey his message of life. All the praise goes to Him, the almighty creator and sustainer of Life, the Great musician, the all loving Father. I praise and thank Him for giving me the opportunity and resources to help this young man. Praise be to God!

Here is the link to the videos that I showed the guy, in case you are interested.

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