Monday, June 23, 2014

A Personal look at how the Liberal Media works

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference. I was working at the Students for Life of America booth in the exhibit hall and our booth was set up where we could see the speakers and screens very clearly. The speakers included Rick Santorum, Gary Bauer, Lt. Gen.William Boykin, Chris Christie, Steve Green, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Michele Bachmann, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Medved, Rand Paul, Ralph Reed, Lila Rose, Dinesh D’Souza, Evan Sayet, Mike Huckabee, Herman Cain, our president Kristan Hawkins, and many more. A fantastic lineup of amazing patriotic conservatives.
I could go on and on about the speakers and their speeches, which I was tempted to do in this post, but I figured that I would touch on something that happened behind the scenes that not many people heard about. Something that I saw and was disgusted by. Something that really brings to light the lowest of levels that the liberal media will stoop to in order to make a good story.

Friday night I was browsing through Twitter searching the hashtag #FaithandFreedom and #RTM2014 , to see what was being said by reporters at the event about the speakers. With Twitter being a very common media used by reporters, I figured I could find some great quotes that the speakers had. What I saw next was interesting. I was scrolling through the tweets and I came across a picture of a Barrack Obama cartoon figure in a urinal. I admit, I thought the picture was funny, distasteful and disrespectful, yet humorous. The caption under the photo was “Scene from a Faith & Freedom restroom #RTM2014” and was posted by Igor Bobic (@igorbobic). Mr Bobic is the Associate Politics Editor at The Huffington Post. I didn’t give it much thought at first, but then I kept scrolling and saw more stuff about that picture and lots of people retweeting it and talking about it. Liberals were saying that all the urinals of the men’s bathrooms at the conference had Obama urinal cakes. The people attending the conference were being made fun of and bashed by the liberals on Twitter. The tweets ranged from insults and cursing, to hostile verbally attacking. The original tweet had over 200 retweets, mainly by other liberals bashing the conference.

I went in the bathrooms and looked, there was nothing of the sorts in the urinals. Where it might be true that all of the attendees of the conference strongly dislike the president’s actions, they are patriotic Americans who want nothing more than the country to go back to abiding by the constitution, and they would not sink so low as to put Obama figures or urinal cakes in the bathrooms. That is just nasty. Although I cannot say for certain, it seems obvious that Mr. Bobic put that there to stage it to make a great news story, and that’s exactly what it did. As I said, I cannot know for certain, as I did not actually witness him in the bathroom, but I can say for sure that after he tweeted that, I checked and there was nothing there. By the next day there were featured articles using Bobic’s tweet published by Time, MSNBC, New York Daily News, and countless others. All of these articles were bashing the conference and the attendees for not acting like Jesus, being hypocritical and being bigots and racists.

Now, I am a communication major with an emphasis in public relations and last fall I took an Intro to Newswriting class. One of the key things that I learned in the class about newswriting was that you should always report the truth and should always research the topic and have multiple sources. You should also try hard not to have a biased story. You should address both sides of the issue equally and fairly. Of course hardly anyone does this. Take a look at MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN, all of which have a biased leaning in their reporting. I have had run ins with reporters before who have misquoted me and taken things I said out of context, but that was small town stuff. I wasn’t surprised at the comments made about the attendees and the conference, but I was shocked to see just how low the liberal media would stoop in order to make a good story, gain popularity, and to make the innocent people look like monsters. I mean, I know that’s what they do, but seeing the outright lie and no further research done by the authors of the stories made me furious.

I guess I should expect something low and immoral like that from the liberals, After all, they are always fighting to tear down the morals of the world. They teach that women aren’t good enough to make it on their own without government help, that children should be forced to stay in failing schools not learning anything, that human life is not valuable, that if you disagree with someone then you are an intolerant bigot. But why then, am I so shocked and disgusted by this? It is because I was there and saw it all unfold before my eyes. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who lie. If you are going to talk bad about a candidate or group of people, you should use true things to talk bad about them, not make up things. 

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