Friday, June 13, 2014

Missionary For Life Entry 1: Working in a House of Cards

My first 2 weeks as a Missionary For Life have me stationed at the Capitol Hill working with Congressman Andy Harris of the First District of Maryland. The majority of my days consist of answering calls and putting the Chief of Staff’s business cards into a contact sheet on excel. It has been very mundane and boring work, but it has opened up my eyes to the real politics that run our great nation. Being on the Hill, I have not got a lot of opportunities to talk to folks about abortion. My congressman is pro-life, of course, but I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss the topic with many people.

            The legislative assistant (LA) that handles pro-life issues for the congressman knows that I am very pro-life and has given me several tasks that deal with the issue. She handed me Live Action’s new investigative report on the illegal activities at Planned Parenthood and I am currently about half way through reading it. It is appalling! She also delegated me the task of looking through various pro-life and abortion bills that are in the House and making a chart on whether the congressman is on their co-sponsor list or not. The same LA has allowed me to attend a Values Action Team meeting with her. The VAT meeting consisted of various other conservative republican congressional staffers and the head of government affairs for the Family Research Council. In the meeting we discussed the recent report on Planned Parenthood, abortion bills, sanctity of marriage bills, and freedom of speech and religion issues. At that meeting I was made aware of the fact that the congressman I am interning for is working on an anti-cloning bill, which of course, is pro-life related in the fact that in the process of human cloning, many embryos will be killed during the research. I received an invitation at the VAT meeting to attend a lunch lecture hosted for March For Life and the American Conservative Union entitled, “Women Know Best – Conservative Solutions Work”. I am very excited to attend this meeting this coming Tuesday and will undoubtedly discuss it in my next entry.

            Of the two weeks I have been in the congressman’s office, there have been several hot topics amongst the constituents calling his office. The first week it was the whole Bergdahl terrorist swap and the second week it was the Eric Cantor and Child Immigration Amnesty thing. I have always heard people talk about calling or writing congressmen, but I never knew people actually did that. I am now convinced that the people that do repeatedly call their congressmen have absolutely nothing else better to do with their time. They just call and rant and rave and complain. I have lost count of all the “Impeach Obama!” calls I have gotten. I take back what I said about all the calls being long rants, I’ve only had like three of those so far, but they are the main ones that stick out in my mind. Today we had one crazy lady call talking about how she was kidnapped and drugged and brainwashed by the Chinese using UK Ultra in 1978. She was going on about how these kids coming into the US from Central America have been kidnapped, drugged, and brainwashed just like her. She is convinced that these kids will come and shoot up schools. She went as far as to say that she wouldn’t be surprised if one of them showed up at one of our costal campaign offices and shot everyone. She called like four times because she kept forgetting to tell us things. The Capitol Police and the people in my office have had issues with her before and have her on a list. So I had the pleasure and honor of transferring her call directly to the Capitol Police when she called back for the fourth time. One of the staffers at the costal campaign office said the police had to escort her home because of that. Although, at the DC office we were unable to tell if she was joking or not.

            Sadly, this week I was out for three days with a bad cold. I was willing to come into work, but the staff at the office asked me not to come in until I was not coughing because we are all packed in the office in tight quarters and they don’t want to risk others getting sick. This was odd and different for me because I am used to school and my work back home wanting you to come in even if you were a little sick.

            During my sick days, I did what any college student in this day and age would do, I curled up in bed with my ipad and watched Netflix. I got caught up on the third season of BBC’s Sherlock series and I started watching House of Cards. I find it funny that I started watching House of Cards while working on the Hill for a congressman, because the whole show is about a corrupt and manipulative congressman. A lot of the terms thrown around in the show are what I hear at the office every day and a lot of the locations in the show are exactly where I am on Capitol Hill. Although, the atmosphere and people are far less evil, rude, and mean…..or at least they seem to be that way on the surface.

Anywho, I guess that’s it for my intro blog about my internship. Stay tuned throughout the summer for more interesting tidbits about my Summer as a Missionary For Life

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