Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby: The Facts and What Happened

It seems that the news and most of Americans don't fully understand what the Hobby Lobby case was about. They claim that it denies women birth control. That couldn't be more WRONG. But that's the media for you, liars. Here are the FACTS:

Hobby Lobby already provides 16 out of the 20 birth control methods required by Obamacare under their employees' insurance plans. But they refused to provide 4 other types. These 4 that they refused to provide are abortion causing drugs that have been declared by the World Health Organization to be cancerous carcinogens dangerous to women's bodies. The whole case was over 4 harmful and lethal drugs. The Obama Administration was telling them that if they did not provide these 4 drugs, then they would literally fine them until they couldn't stay open. 
These are the 16 forms of birth control that are already covered under Hobby Lobby's insurance plan. There are only 4 that are not covered: Plan B, Ella, and two kinds of inter-uterine devices (IUD)

The religious aspects that these families held dear to that caused it to be a religious freedom case are the beliefs that it is wrong to murder. One of the Ten Commandments, "thou shall not murder". That's the religious belief that the Obama Administration told them that they had to lay aside. You may be asking, what does "thou shall not murder" have to do with this? 
It is a scientific fact that every abortion kills a human being. 
And these 4 drugs cause abortions, therefore, these drugs kill human beings, that is why the 2 families were against providing these 4 drugs. 

I was there at the Supreme Court today setting up for the press conference with Students For Life of America. 
The pro-abortion choice folks from NARAL showed up screaming and yelling about fighting. One guy was screaming at the top of his lungs in my friend's face. For a guy who claims to respect women, he certainly didn't respect her.
Pro-Lifers with use the slogan "Women In Control", citing that Women are in control of their own bodies and do not need birth control to be equal with men or to be in control of their lives. While Pro-Abortion advocates use "Not my boss's business". Ironically, If birth control is not your boss's business, why are you forcing him to pay for harmful forms of it that also kill children?

Their signs were illogical. They were claiming that it was "not their boss's business".....let that sink in. The people who are demanding that the bosses of the 2 companies pay for 4 abortion causing drugs that were declared cancerous carcinogens by the World Health Organization, to be provided to them free of charge via insurance are chanting that it is none of their boss's business. The irony and lack of logic there astounds me. 

Even though these people were angry and borderlined hostile and violent, i found that I wasn't angry with them, I pitied them because they sincerely believe the horrid lies they have been fed, they are victims if evil, and they have been talked into promoting evil. It's sad. There is no logic behind their arguments. None. But I pray for them and that The Lord will work on their hearts and they will find the truth .
Me (President of Mississippi State University Students For Life) with Claire Chretien (President of Bama Students For Life at the University of Alabama)

It is a scary thing when the President  of a Country bullies a family business into closing if they do not provide free lethal drugs to their employees. This is WRONG. We escaped England because of attack on simple religious principles like this, and we built this country on the grounds that that would never happen again. Luckily the Supreme Court acknowledges the 1st Amendment. This what a huge win for freedom of religion and separation of church and state today! 

This decision gives me a little more hope and confidence in our courts, not much, but some. 

Our president, Kristan Hawkins said this about the ruling:
"Thankfully, the Supreme Court protected our basic First Amendment freedoms today.  No government should force its citizens to pay for and distribute potentially life-terminating drugs and devices and that is exactly what this government was trying to do. We are grateful that the Supreme Court upheld this core American freedom."

Me and my fellow SFLA Missionaries 

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